Technology application

Under the condition of certain pressure and temperature, 示意图.jpgthe plastic particles are melted and plasticized, extruded continuously from the die, and cooled into sheet by roller. The process of extrusion from raw material to sheet is a total process of three stages: plasticizing, extrusion and shaping. The extruder and some ancillary devices are the main equipment to complete this process.

The company attaches importance to the technological R & D and innovation of new environment-friendly products, and constantly turns the technological achievements into the output of high-quality, stable and cost-effective products. We have become the leader of new environmentally friendly packaging materials and the top environmentally friendly transparent PET film production base in China.

In the application of product technology: we have independent innovation, continuous accumulation, rational layout, effective use, and make full use of various exhibition information exchanges and industry seminars to continuously strengthen the company's technological innovation progress and application degree.




We produce single-layer or multi-layer co-extrusion materials. Multi-layer co-extrusion is a method in which the same or different plastics are extruded by multiple extruders and extruded into the composite die at the same time, and the multi-layer materials are integrated in the die, and the multi-layer composite sheet is formed by cooling.

Multilayer composites can achieve better barrier, conductive, antistatic, beautiful, cost-saving and other functions.

Monolayer materials are: PET, PS, PP, PETG, etc.

Multi-layer materials are: PETG-APET-PETG, PS-EVOH-PS, PP-EVOH-PP, etc.